Copperform Australia

CASA Materials Pty Ltd trading as Copperform Australia is a division of CASA Materials Pty Ltd ABN 99 139 862 543.

Copperform Australia is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Copper and Titanium Zinc gutters, downpipes and accessories.

The range of half round, Quad, K-style and Ogee Gutters with corresponding round, square and rectangular downpipes are sold across Australia. These products are complemented by a full range of accessories like brackets, clips, Rainwater heads including Roll top ridges and valleys.

We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to roof drainage and consistently challenging the accepted norms with new ideas to achieve a better result for our customers.

Products & Services

Copperform specialises in the utilisation of copper in roofing, walling and rainwater goods. Copper has special qualities that make it an ideal alternative to traditional construction materials. As well as being structurally superior, copper also has aesthetic qualities that make it an ideal construction material.

Copper, nature’s supreme building material – harnessed by Copperform to create classic roofing systems of enthralling character.

It is no coincidence that many of man’s architectural achievements are protected from the elements by copper roofing. Notre Dame, the Vatican, the Pentagon, the statue of Liberty… countless great works bear testimony to the timeless wonder and self-preserving beauty of the copper roof.

Heritage doesn’t happen – it is created.


In the late 1980’s, the Megami Corporation (machinery manufacturer) and mining giant M.I.M. Holdings Limited (copper sheeting manufacturer) came together to advance the use of copper in construction which inspired forming 0.55mm copper sheeting into profiled roofing.

In 1991, market research indicated a significant gap in the market; consequently, Copperform Pty Ltd. was formed to become the leaders in the industry, winning four prestigious architectural awards in Australia and Singapore.

In November 2007, Copperform Pty Ltd was purchased and confidently re-branded as Copperform Australia to be recognised as the unsurpassed provider, supplier, installer and fabricator of non-ferrous metals in Australia.

In October 2012, Craft Metals Pty Ltd purchased the Copperform Australia business and focused on the core strengths of the Copperform brand, its people and technologies. By strategically keeping the Copperform Australia brand and introducing new products, materials and manufacturing equipment and processes, Craft Metals Pty Ltd through the Copperform Australia business are positioned to become the leading manufacturer and supplier of non-ferrous rainwater goods in Australia. Other offerings within the AROCA Group include coil sales, fabrication and installation.

In September 2019, Craft Metals Pty Ltd transferred operations of the Copperform Australia business to CASA Materials Pty Ltd, which is a related company in the same group of companies.


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