Apart from their obvious aesthetic advantage, half round gutters also have an excellent water carrying ability due to their wide diameter. As such, they’re largely self cleaning, meaning it’s less likely that leaves and other debris will get caught and block the gutters.

“Rainwater systems in copper or zinc are standard in Europe and have been used for many generations due to their longevity,” says Thomas Brenner, General Manager of Copperform Australia. Most gutters are highly visible and enhance the overall look of the residence.

The Benefits of European Style Half Round Gutters

Half round gutters are less prone to corrosion due to their more fluid, less angular shape.

They are also easier to clean and keep clean because leaves and debris is less likely to get caught.

There will be less clogging and you will need to clean them out less frequently.

Low maintenance.

Stylish appearance. Half round gutters with Euro-bead in copper or zinc are a home installation to be proud of and add value to the home.

Long Lifespan.

If installed properly, your copper or zinc gutters will more than likely outlast you. Copper or zinc half round gutters are durable, strong, and dependable.

Corrosion-free half round gutters that last.

Copperform is locally stocking European style half round gutter and round downpipes in copper and zinc. Besides the aesthetics, the half round shape of the gutter requires minimal cleaning and, whenever necessary, makes it easy as the mounting brackets support the gutter on the base and do not block top access.

“Once, installed, the rainwater goods require virtually no maintenance and provide a roof drainage that is designed not to fail, even in heavy rain,” Brenner says.

The gutters come in 6 Meter lengths, are easy to assemble and allow a quick, trouble-free installation without compromising quality.

A complete range of accessories, including moulded corners, expansion joints, round high frequency welded downpipes and bends complements them.

Besides function and aesthetics half round gutters have the added benefits of:

  • High reliability over a long period.
  • Trouble-free roof drainage.
  • Increase the potential resale value of owners property assets.
  • The materials are 100% recyclable and ecologically harmless.
  • Highly suitable to marine environments.