The design and extensive assortment of components and accessories make the RHEINZINK Gutter System adaptable to virtually any roof configuration.

All manufactured parts are made of the same high-quality material made of prePATINA blue-grey and prePATINA graphite-grey. PrePATINA bright-rolled is available on special request. Patination, the formation of a natural protective layer, ensures that RHEINZINK gutter systems will remain functional for decades with little-to-no need for maintenance.

Why half round gutters?

The RHEINZINK half round gutters evacuate move water more efficiently than other shapes since the ponding of water and debris is less likely.

Rainwater Management:

Water is a precious commodity and the future of our ecosystem depends on the availability of this natural element. Rainwater and groundwater form the basis for functioning of this system and this is why top priority is given to ensuring environmentally sound, rainwater management. It is officially recognised that seepage of the rainwater that runs off zinc roofs is not harmful.

There is an inherent concentration of zinc in water, air and soil. Seepage means that both rainwater and drinking water automatically contain zinc. It forms a basic part of life and as the pioneering building material RHEINZINK, this product still contributes to sustainability in the field of architecture.

Individual, project-specific solutions are nowadays available to avoid the problems resulting from soil sealing. As environmentally sound and economical alternatives to traditional water drainage such solutions encourage the natural hydrological cycle and are defined in various regulations under the heading of Rainwater Management. The purpose of such measures is to collect, use and ensure the efficient seepage of rainwater.